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Heather takes pride in the outcomes that you accomplish...

The highest form of a compliment, is a testimonial.  Thank you!
Heather proudly maintains a 5 Star Google Review.

"Heather is someone you can trust, who has a wealth of experience in what you're going through.  She has helped me navigate strategically the financial, emotional and psychological challenges of separation while being able to understand and have compassion for me and my family.  Heather is the calm, rational center in a divorce storm."

"Patricia, protecting children during separation.

"Heather Blake has a unique ability to find the calm within the storm of divorce when panic and anxiety set in within the court proceedings.  Based on the information she gathered, I often found that she could bring clarity to the successes I had, when I couldn't see them for myself, as I was too close to the situation.  She has the real life experience.  Although she is compassionate she also is able to respectfully and constructively guide through thought patterns which might be detrimental in the long run.  I consider her a strong support who has integrity, is able to share in my journey, and who will celebrate the positive outcomes that ultimately benefit my family."

     S.V., high conflict divorce with children

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