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Frequently Asked Questions, for your clarity:

Do I HAVE to divorce if i talk to Heather?

No.  Heather helps you make your decisions and move toward them.  Many MARRIAGES HAVE BEEN SAVED, or divorces made smoother.

Does Heather help couples?

No.  Heather helps individuals with their thoughts and goals.  Completely personal AND PRIVATE.

What is the difference between coaching and therapy?    Generally speaking, coaching focuses on current actions, RATHER than on your past.

Can Heather help my spouse also?

No.  Its a great idea for your spouse to have a marriage/divorce coach, and Heather will recommend colleagues.

How many phone sessions will I need?

Usually just 3, but more are available if your process is long.  By phone is EASY and EFFICIENT.

Is this INSTEAD of a lawyer?

No.  Heather helps you understand and prepare for what lawyers and experts need, AND SAVES YOU MONEY on their services.  Her clients save tens of thousands of dollars.

Reach out with further questions.  I'm awaiting your call or text.
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