Dear Future Client:


Thanks for stopping in; your first step toward clarity and courage regarding your situation.

Hi. I have been where you are. Not knowing which way to turn in the separation and divorce process, or even how to make the initial decision.  Not knowing how to figure out what is best and what you want.  Feeling pressure (from inside yourself, or outside) to make a decision, and needing help with figuring it all out.

I will be your thinking partner.  Discovering the most important considerations, and your own specific answers to these difficult questions. My certification has provided me with a myriad of "scientific tools" and strategies to guide you in making your decisions and finding the best experts.

I will explain the complexities to you.  Simplify the process, and help you stop your head from spinning. I will help you consider and protect the children, and move toward the most graceful outcomes that you seek.

The marriage/separation/divorce process is not easy for anyone.  What you are experiencing is normal.  I will put you first, be your support, and make myself available in times of doubt, fear and fog.

I will save you money on lawyer costs, help you become a credible client (needing less time with the expensive professionals), figure out your priorities, and gain the courage you need to get there. All, with complete confidentiality.

We can begin with a free discovery session (up to 60 minutes), for you to speak with me and see what I will offer.  I do not coach in the discovery session, but I do explore where you are in your process, and how I will help you move forward.  After that, you are free to decide whether or not to work with me. No obligation at all.

I am sending you strength and hope you will contact me.  Send me an email, or call/text me.  I promise you that reaching out is the most important step toward your future.




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