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...Working with a marriage crisis & divorce coach...

 As a marriage crisis and divorce coach, Heather's goal is to support you when you need it most.   Heather takes pride in being available to her clients, during moments of confusion or "spinning thoughts".  Heather will be your thinking partner by email, phone, text, or Facetime.  There is no need to meet in person.

As an additional service, Heather offers on-call support to her clients.  Short phone calls and texts at the moment they need her.  The first month of on-call support is free, with the purchase of the 3 session package, and then 200 per month after that.  Many clients need only 3 sessions.  Heather's focus is equipping her clients with information and skills, so that she is not longer required in order for their success.

Your discussions will be completely confidential.  No one needs to know.  If you are feeling alone, afraid, needing someone to lean on and help you organize your thoughts, contact Heather.  She is proud of her 5 star reviews on google and has brought relief to so many clients in your very same position...

Heather's rates are affordable (150/hr) and will significantly reduce lawyer costs. For real progress and action, Heather has a 3 session minimum ($369 plus tax).  As you progress, Heather has an on-call support monthly plan, at a very affordable cost..  Your progress is Heather's goal.  You will get through this!

If you are experiencing  a controlling marriage or financial restrictions, Heather is creative and willing to barter, based on your skills and hobbies.  Call Heather for a free one hour discovery session, to share your story and find out how she can help you.

Providing clarity and courage, through the fog of marriage crisis.
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